Supporting Innovations in End-of-Life Care


Hospice Foundation of Palm Beach

recently celebrated more than 35 years of service and support in Palm Beach County as the group continues to grow and excel in its mission of supporting local hospice care and programming.

The small group of dedicated volunteers are committed to supporting available care for local families in our community. Through Hospice Foundation of Palm Beach’s fundraising and support, Hospice of Palm Beach County is assisting in providing care for more than 2,000 individuals every day. Services provided by Hospice of Palm Beach County include palliative care, counseling, and end-of-life care. Along with medical care, the foundation helps to fund innovative support programs including telemedicine and music therapies.

Each year, the foundation hosts Hospice Evening, inviting friends and supporters to celebrate the foundation’s work and to raise additional money for local hospice care.


Hospice Guild is formed and Mrs. Sue Whitmore throws first hospice gala


Hospice Foundation of Palm Beach County is created


Groundbreaking of Charles W. Gerstenberg Hospice Center


Built and equipped state-of-the-art Charles W. Gerstenberg Hospice Center in West Palm Beach


Continued funding the development of Hospice Program and Services of Hospice


Hospice Guild and Hospice Foundation of Palm Beach County Merge


Supported innovation of Palliative care and intergraded therapies


Renovation of Gerstenberg Hospice Center patient rooms, family lounges, and nurse’s stations

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